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Leveraging Content For E-mail Marketing

Leveraging Content for E-mail Marketing

Do you wish to write a killer e-mail marketing template?

Well, that`s a goal for almost every marketer because if the message catches the attention of the reader, the conversion rate is likely to be higher. When it comes to marketing or e-mail marketing, in particular, it’s important to know yourself first and then know your customers. This becomes easier for you to innovate and quickly reach the potential clients.

In this post, we are going to reveal how you can leverage content in e-mail marketing.

The first thing to note is that content used in e-mail marketing needs to be very selective. This means that you need to plan and choose your words very carefully before you execute. As such, you need to look at your email list and think of how you are going to write.

So do you craft an email addressing a huge crowd of people or do you make it professional like you are addressing a massive corporate marketing department?

Ultimately, if your intention is to get your subscribers looking forward to your emails, consider creating content that takes up a friendly tone. Show your subscribers that you trust them like you trust your friends and make the content conversational and respectful.

Check this example

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How Do You Determine Your Content?

After you have learnt about yourself and your customer’s needs, it’s important to think about what you are going to write to them. This requires some research and a little planning. There are many things that can be outlined in your general content, but not everything may be of interest to your subscribers. A good example of content for e-mail marketing includes:

  • Notifications for upcoming events
  • Recaps on previous events
  • Product launch
  • News coverage
  • Popular posts on Blog/Facebook/Twitter

So each time you create a marketing email, you can choose content from a huge list like the one above to help you create an effective marketing strategy. The best thing about creating such a list is that it becomes easier for you to keep your subscribers informed on all aspects of your business.

Remember people don’t want to be spammed with unnecessary information. Therefore, only email your subscribers when you have truly valuable or helpful content for them.

Creating and Gathering the Content

In case you did not know, your content is the most important part of your newsletters. Therefore, whether you are using text or pictures, ensure that your gather the most compelling content that will directly speak to your readers.

Creating good content can be very easy. There are numerous article directories like ezine. where you can get free content for your campaigns. Alternatively, you can engage the services of professional content developers like Inked Hub Writers Team who will help create relevant and informative content.

Whichever method you choose to gather and create your content, remember to make your messages more scannable. Do not overwhelm your readers with extensive paragraphs. In stead, make it short and to the point and if necessary use punchy subheadings or numbered lists. If you are going to create the content yourself, take some time to learn the language that best suits your audience. Surprisingly, even the grammar matters because you have to keep the focus on your recipients. As such, your need to use less “we” and more “you.”

Your content also needs to convince the readers through proof. Let`s face it, most email readers are very cynical because of the spam offers and unnecessary emails clogging their inbox. Therefore, it is important to differentiate your company from other spammers.

There are several ways to build credibility and the first thing is trying to connect with the readers. Use the content to shows the readers that you understand them. Spell out the benefits of what you are offering them but don’t make your content too pitchy.

Ultimately, back up your claims with facts and numbers.

Manage Your Mailing Properly So the Content Gets to the Readers

Writing great content is one thing, but making sure that the content gets to the intended reader without being passed off as spam is another. So how about letting the professional do it? Email service providers like MailChimp are one of the best ways of sending marketing emails.

These ESPs will effectively manage your delivery infrastructure as well as help keep your messages out of the spam filters. On overall, they will make your work easier because personal email services like Google and Yahoo limit the number of recipients to 100, making your work even more cumbersome.

I hope that this short guide on how to leverage content for e-mail marketing will help you create a effective e-marketing campaign. It’s important that you have access to information on what needs to be done. That said, also make sure that you watch out for various content curation trends for 2016.

And remember information is power, so you can always count on me to keep you informed.


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