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The modern day marketing, banks on smart blog writing.

blog2In the constantly changing world of best blogging practices, blog writing has transformed from just how people share ideas about a topic to a lucrative business in the world of digital marketing. This has led to the need for many bloggers to contract the services of professional writers.

In blog writing, the ability to connect with your audience at a personal level is a quality sort after by many. Having a voice in your post will separate it from any other newspaper article. This ensures that one is able to hook the readers all the way from the word go to the very last sentence in that post and get them looking forward to the next post.

To achieve this, there’s need to create posts that serve a purpose. Show your readers that you’re not only an expert but that you care about them. A good way can be through writing guides or ‘how to’ posts.

Blog writing requires focus. This involves finding out who you’re writing for and the interests of those you’re writing for. It also requires being unique and not a cheap knockoff of your favorite writer. (That’s what happens when you try being too much like your favorite writer). Being unique is simply being relatable, that is, writing about topics you understand.

For a blogger to grow (replace ‘grow’ with ‘get more page views’ ), create share-worthy articles. The audience should feel the need to reblog or share that post with other people in their circles. This proves the relevance of your content and creates a much needed traffic to your blog. So what’s the question about blog writing?

The question about short or long blog posts shouldn’t be about length, it should be about content quality. Content marketing is simply described as delivering the content your audience is searching for in the places they’re searching for it. For lighter topics short blogs sell more. Long posts however leverage the power of long tail keywords.

Longer content creates greater links and gets shared more. For search engine optimisation purposes, using the right keywords for your article goes a long way in putting it out there. It will be easier to find among internet users. So let’s help you shape your blog writing by making it real and desirable.

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