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social media content writing

If you have to go social, mingle with the perfect content – our treat!

In today’s day and age, there is always some Twitter handle trending. It’s either that or a certain Instagram hashtag or a captioned picture doing it’s rounds on Facebook.

Bottom line, social media is unavoidable in news circulation. It’s the buzz you want to ride on if you want social attention for your products or services. But with it comes the need for social media content writing that stands out. Hiring an agency with such social media content writing services is a first step in the right direction.

Businesses have turned to these platforms therefore as a way of creating brand awareness for their goods and services. Over time, this has provided for a competitive edge over other businesses yet to try social media marketing. One of the reasons for such results is the impact of peer to peer dialogue.

Social media brings audiences of same interests or age bracket together. Communication within peers about services or products and the product’s usefulness is a great advertising tool for a company. People will mostly trust their peer’s word over a random salesperson’s pitch about the same product. For some reason, the peer can be trusted – they ain’t on some kind of payroll from the company.

Social media also offers an interactive platform between businesses and their customers, where more of the product can be discussed. Talk product development – this is spot-on ripe platform. 

Key thing is that what is shared in these different sites is quality content. To achieve this, understanding what the sites offer helps. Optimising your posts to the site’s specification will ensure maximum benefits. Look at Twitter for example, with a limited character count of 140, you’re bounded to short posts. Using pictures that convey enough information about your post however solves your problem. Facebook will be efficient for long word posts where much description is desired.

Clearly, social media content writing is not just a random back pocket card – it is the joker!

Google plus links you to a more defined target audience and with Instagram, you can now create a business account and showcase your services and products. Social media content writing will also involve ensuring your post is mobile friendly due to the large numbers that assess Internet through their phones.

This essentially applies to people involved in article and blog writing where you need the link to your post to reach a wide audience. This ensures share-ability among users and if anything, numbers and statistics of the shares a post has received speak for themselves.

Now you know where we can come in with social media content writing. Let’s help you create that social media buzz!

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