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3 Essentials for a Good SEO Content Writer

In today’s world of the internet, you don’t just need a website, but one with great content.

Great content gives a boost to the amount of traffic that comes to your website. Not only that, but the search engines respond to you better.

Now if you are looking to make good money on the online platform, a pulsating audience and favorable search engines are what you need to be after.

Making the money will only be possible with great visibility. And that is where content comes in. That said, how do you get to that kind of visibility?

This calls for consistent labor in coming up with great content to meet the needs of the audience and secondly to impress the search engines.

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For website owners, the importance of an active blog which provides information to the audience (customers/clients/prospects) is a necessary priority.

To run that blog, one needs article writers who can write SEO based content that can increase your search engine ranking and online visibility.

What is SEO content writing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing a website so that people can find it easily using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Basically, SEO content is any content created with the objective of attracting more search engine traffic. Effective and proper use of keywords and phrases plays a crucial role in SEO writing.

But stuffing keywords and phrases into your blog piece or web copy is not necessarily a winning mix.

It takes some skill to waft up the phrases, pull-up the correct word-combination, and create the perfect audience-hook, so as to pull the perfect search engine piece and informative piece for your audience.

This boils down to the well-written content being a necessity rather than an option. But who will put up with all that work?

That is where SEO content writers come in – hiring one could be a wise move. So what do you look out for?

Hiring an SEO content writer – The Lineup

There are thousands of good writers out there in the market, but to select the best SEO writer is important for your branding, communication, and marketing.

As mentioned earlier, SEO plays an important role in the online marketing of your business. Content is the language that search engines understand.

Knowing all too well that they rule the online space, you want to be on their good side always. That’s why you need to invest in SEO writers for your business.

Content writing agencies are there to help you with that.

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But even as you go for an agency, what pointers will lead you to help them get you the perfect writer for the job?

Several points must be taken into consideration when hiring an SEO content writer. Here are some important markers to look out for.

The writer’s skills – Will I read you?


The first and most important thing to check while hiring an SEO content writer is their skills and the quality of their work. How long they have been in writing could start you off.

You may want to ask for their sample work to get your eyes satisfied before negotiating the terms of engagement. The latest samples always give you a correct assessment of their present writing prowess.

The writer must be creative enough to write about the given keywords. The writer must understand the needs of the content so that he can write accordingly.

Good knowledge of SEO – What’s trending?


Obviously, when you are hiring an SEO content writer, it assumes that they must possess this quality essentially. While that may be so, search engine optimization is very fluid.

Some writers may follow conventional SEO methods, which may not be good for your website and business. The writer must be aware of current search engines and optimization trends.

So, you must hire a writer with a good understanding of digital marketing strategies. They need to be very savvy about how different aspects of your website content will work to the advantage of both the audience and the search engines.

Must be professional – Deadlines really?


The deadlines given by business owners have always served some purpose. The writer must deliver the content when they promise to. This is never negotiable from a reckless standpoint.

Discipline goes for every industry, and that’s what cuts to show how professional one’s engagement seems to the recipient.

If you want to avoid delays by the writers, then you should make this clear to them that late submissions of projects will not be tolerated.

But to avoid getting so much into micro-managing, watch out for what others have said about them.

Working with a content writing agency can be a great way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about quality and late deliveries.

Agencies rank their writers based on different parameters. This is one sure ranking factor they never leave out.


Evidently, great content is a priority for any website looking to get visibility online. Traffic is only one side of it – away from conventional thought.

Healthy visibility is a function of great SEO work which leads to traffic that is eventually sustained by great content. This follows great sales which become the ultimate reap for such a business.

Now you know that getting an SEO writer is a good go. Get started by hiring one with great skills, knowledge, and expertise in SEO, and disciplined to work within the stipulated agreement.

A content writing agency is a perfect way to get your math right, but if you would rather take the dive, be on guard by ensuring the three tips help you swim through to the shore.

Don’t stress it, let us lift the bulk by helping you handpick your next creative team.

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