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3 Simple Strategies to Creating Consistent Online Marketing Content

That which is measured improves – Karl Pearson

Publishing informative and engaging content is a great marketing strategy for any business. Actually, having an effective online marketing strategy, spells good fortune for your business.

However, majority of businesses with online presence do not have a documented online marketing strategy. So what you will often see is random publications or posts, with long spells in between. 

By the way, great random posts will still pass the message across, but will have very little impact on your bottom-line. Sadly, you cannot knock over consistency in content creation, if you want to benefit from your online marketing efforts.

As a matter of fact, Consistency is the backbone of effective online marketing. Meaning, maintaining a steady content flow for your online marketing cannot be overemphasized. Click To Tweet

Outlined below is a simple and tested strategy. Here at inkedhubwriters, we like to call it the 3 C’s Strategy:

  • The Calendar
  • The Client
  • The Creative

Let’s plough in deeper. Don’t be shocked that you might have heard it before and perhaps trampled over it. 

1) Create a Content Publishing Calendar

Every so often, we are unable to hit the publish button because we procrastinated on the content creation stage. That’s a huge monster with content marketing and online marketing in general. But let’s face it.

Whether your focus is on blog posts, social media posts or email marketing, you need to determine the frequency of your posting, depending on the media, and then work around it.

You may decide to publish a blog post on weekly basis, say on Mondays, or you may decide to send your customers an email every other two weeks. Social media marketing may require more frequent posts like a post per day or three posts in a week. The frequency may however vary depending on the nature of the business.

By publishing high-quality content consistently, your followers will always have something exciting to look forward to. Growing a dedicated audience this way, will sure impact on your bottom-line in the long-run. Apparently, when people like the information you provide, they desire to identify with the brand you represent.

However, in online marketing, moderation is key. You do not want to spam your audience. Overwhelming them with information, however valuable, will cause them to detest your brand.

2) Establish Information Needs Of Your Audience

Once you have settled on the frequency, the next step is getting down to content creation.

Definitely, you know who your target audience is. These are your customers, current and potential. You need to provide them with valuable information, but you must keep it relevant.

For instance, if you are selling grills, it would be inappropriate to post about ‘natural remedies for colds’. However informative, your post will have little or no impact on your business.

Such a post may be ideal for a health food store. Posting or blogging about grilling tips, DIY methods of grill maintenance, grilling tutorials, different types of grills and their ideal uses, nutritional value of red and white meats etc. would be most ideal.

Basically, you should aim at enlightening your audience, whether they are buying or not. The idea is to make sure anyone who takes time to read through your post, learns something new or gets a confirmation of what they already know.

In short, the posts should add value to your audience, while growing the list of potential customers.

3) Engage Talented Writers

Now you understand the content your audience is yearning for, and you know the potential it yields, as far as your business growth is concerned.

What remains now is producing that content and releasing it out there. You cannot afford to flop on this step. It is like being given a dart and a dartboard with the promise of a huge sum of money, once you hit the bulls eye.

You may have played darts your entire life, hit the bulls eye a thousand times. But if you fail to hit it this time round, you will watch in disappointment, as the money slips through your fingers. Same is true when it comes to content creation.

An experienced IT or HR writer might not be the best, if you want to produce stellar content for your fitness business. You need to go for the best minds in the fitness industry.

You may decide to hire a writer directly or engage the services of an agency; any works (but you can see the differences here). No matter your preference, the bottom line is getting your content done professionally and on time.

The Realist Problem

Seen how people are ecstatic about making new year resolutions? Meet a person with a pen and paper, making plans for the new year. Their zeal at that time is so contagious that you find yourself desiring to do the same.

Few people are lucky to follow through their plans, but most new year resolutions’ lists are left to collect dust on the shelf, while the plans turn into fantasies.

Same is true for most companies, when it comes to matters, online marketing. Maybe that is true for you as well. You know the importance of engaging audience through high-quality content. But somehow you are not able to follow through.

From time to time you do a killer publication that catches the attention of readers, leaving them with a thirst for more. But for some reason you go mute on your audience. So the reader waits and waits in vain. In between, another company publishes similar content, catches their attention and apparently, retains it. You end up losing audience that would have been converted into loyal customers.

Truth is, it happens most if not all the time.

The Realist Solution

You may have planned to improve on your online marketing several times, but found yourself back on the drawing board over and over again. It is time now to get the wheel rolling.

Committing to these steps will help you realize your online marketing dream, grow your bottom-line and turn your business into another online success story.

This is a simple but tested strategy to help you maintain a steady content flow for your online marketing; expedite.


Not sure how to get started? Consult with our creative team to get help building your custom road-map.

Photo by John Robert Marasigan on Unsplash

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