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Effective Ways to Pitch Your Brand and Dominate Your Industry

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room Jeff Bezos

After years of planning, strategizing and gruesome labor, you have managed to grow your business into a major industry player. I mean, you are no longer just another venture on the street. You have carved your niche in the market.

Your company has a serious operational structure – with the best minds in the industry building your brand. You are fully in tune with the global trends with an awesome company website and of course, a blog. So a writer does spruce it up with great content, once in a while, but does that cut it?

Let’s explore the reality on ground that your brand may be facing.

Your brand does not exist in isolation

Just like any other business, there is serious competition to contend with. But thanks to your ever fresh pot of ideas, you can proudly say you are a little ahead of competition. Though from time to time, your competitors pull strategies that make you look like a helpless fish, in a shark-infested ocean.

Not to be intimidated, you have head-hunted the best marketers in the industry. Their wealth of experience and strategies, have you convinced that the market is yours for the taking. However, the results remain to be seen.

Indecisive Consumers

Their efforts and motives may be right, but the truth is your competition is also investing in similar strategies. Your customers may be furnished with the best of information, about your products and services.

Besides your effort is a stream of competition packaging their compelling marketing nuggets too. At the end of the day, the potential customers are bombarded with so much information; they too are stuck with indecisiveness. Whom do I buy from?

Now, whoever is able to rescue the consumers from indecisiveness, and brings them to make a decision, wins their loyalty for life.

That should be you, right?

Package Compelling Customer Stories

So the question begs. How do you bring a highly informed consumer to choose your brand? What is that magic card that once you pull, will topple other brands and crown your brand as the king? The answer is pretty simple.

Bring in happy customers to tell their success stories with your brand. That's powerful content marketing! Share on X

You see, these potential customers, already have a problem, that they wish your products or services will resolve. However, your competitors are equally in a position to resolve their problem. But a success story from your current customers, whose problem has already been resolved, will make all the difference.

The urgency to get the much sought solution will kick in, and the potential customers will not even think twice. Their decision will have been reached.

So how do you go about implementing this for your brand? 

Simple – revise your content marketing strategy.

Strategic Content Marketing for Your Brand

Content marketing is replacing traditional marketing methods. Every serious brand has now embraced it. They are hiring the best content writers available in the market. And as it is, there is no turning back on this.

So you need to get smart. Hire a good content writer and focus on telling compelling customer stories.

Days of highlighting features of products and services, and then sitting back, hoping potential clients will be impressed, are long gone. Competition is becoming stiffer, hence the need to push the card a little further.

Most successful brands have discovered this. They have long ditched the direct marketing approach – promoting features and benefits of products and services.

Now they bring you stories of ecstatic clients, bragging about how the products/services, have made a difference in their lives. And the brands continue to shine by the day.

Investing in a Good Content Writer

Your focus should be to increase your online visibility, and get your stories to the readers. Engaging services of a good SEO writer should therefore not be an option. It is a necessity.

This may be an individual or an agency depending on your preference. If you have challenges deciding between hiring a content writing agency vs. a freelance writer, this article will enlighten you.

Whichever your decision, a seasoned SEO content writer, will be able to create compelling customer stories, and give your brand the much needed push, to soar above the rest.

Pack your blog with such stories, and see your brand gradually become a darling to many.

However, the stories must be relatable. They must not be overdone or sound exaggerated. But do not worry about that. A great content writer should know how to catch customers’ attention, and win their trust.

Hence the need to source for the best freelance writer for your online marketing needs.

Parting Shot

I call this strategy– proactive marketing. Not discovered by many but one that holds so much potential; it is confounding.

So to be able to pitch your brand and dominate your industry, get started with a strategy for your online positioning of content. Then begin to tell customer stories and watch your brand soar.


Fish for the right talent here and get started with your content road map or strategy.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

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