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How To Create Content For The Average News-Seeker

To say that the pressure as online content writers to produce engaging but unique material is huge is but an understatement.

The average newsreader spends hours on their phone or computer on the hunt for something new and interesting to devour. Therefore it is important to know what to do in order to keep these newsreaders coming to you.

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The harsh reality is that if a person reads one bad article on your blog, chances are they will never come back. Doesn’t matter if it was just an off day and you had to post something, but all your other articles are really good.

Let me feed your appetite to create wholesome content with these seven content writing tidbits.


Keep your content writing brief


Research shows that people spend as much time on longer articles as they do on shorter ones. However, there’s some shared lethargy when it comes to reading. So while they may read it, it’s not definite they will come back. I like to say, “Keep it necessary.” Unnecessary information raises the word count as well as the boredom level of your reader.


Reach out and grab your reader


As someone who is looking to get hired as a content writer, you want to form a rapport with your audience as soon as possible. Thus, I want you to imagine that your words will literally jump out of the screen and pull your reader in. I would recommend that your first two sentences contain the main idea about your article then break it down from there.


Stay on track with your content


It is tempting to derail with funny comments and jokes, because who doesn’t like to laugh? But be reminded that in that short moment, as they get sidetracked for a giggle, they may lose sight of what your article is really about. Don’t delve into examples too much as your main idea becomes distorted.


Be clear and concise


You may think that your reader understands what you are saying therefore some things go without saying. Reality is that they probably don’t. Try to articulate your ideas clearly with one main one taking a paragraph. Messy articles just encourage the reader to leave.


Embrace professional writing


Remember that your readers not only contain news seekers but also people looking to hire a professional writer or engage the services of a creative writing agency. Please do not use click bait as it annoys your readers and goes further to show those interested in you professionally that you are not qualified. Don’t slay the professional spirit as you place efforts in juicing up your vibe.


Use colorful words


No, it doesn’t mean that you should make every word in the sentence blue or red. Keep your language colorful by using non-traditional words. For instance, I just used instance instead of example- it gets the same point across but in a way that’s less monotonous. A thesaurus dictionary could be a great partner in such times.


Seek a unique perspective


When approaching a topic that has been written about by hundreds or even millions, you want to keep your approach fresh. Do your research and approach an angle that no one else is paying attention to but keep the topic in mind too, because there is a reason it is trending.

Being creative is hard, but when one is looking for blog writers, it is a quality they hunt for vigorously. For example, when Melania Trump ‘stole’ Michelle Obama’s speech, everyone wrote about it. However, few approached the angle of publicity stunt or Melania’s role in keeping Donald Trump relevant.

Remember the words you use can and will be held against you, therefore reserve the right to pick the perfect ones.

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