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Networking and building relationships to grow your business

Content marketing is good but not enough; that’s where networking comes in.

To grow your business, you have to put yourself out there. You need to be seen by the right audience including customers and people in the same industry as you.

Networking and relationship building help to accelerate growth. It is easier to want to avoid them, but your business will suffer the damage.

Forging the right connections ensures that you get more business. It can either be directly or through referrals from people you have networked with.

Why focus on building relationships?

Nurturing relationships in business provides a greater chance for success compared to networking. Relationships are based on mutual trust.

When you focus on the relationships you form with your customers, it means you are investing in time and even money.

Your customers learn that you have their best interests at heart. They can depend on you to provide solutions that better their lives.

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Relationships are much like friendships. There is a level of loyalty found in meaningful relationships.

When you take the time to earn the trust and respect of your customers, they will support your brand. They will walk with you and celebrate your milestones with you. They will be right there as you grow.

Networking is still a huge contributor to business growth

Networking is much more than meeting people and telling them what you do. It does not stop at exchanging business cards. Not especially now when a lot of business interactions are happening online.

One of the sure ways to gain attention online is by following other brands that you look up to. Because your goal is to grow your business, focus on networking with brands that are in the same industry.

Be active about commenting on their platforms, contributing to conversations and asking questions. Other people will gradually notice you and start to follow you as well.

Go a step further and join one or two online communities in your industry. Contribute your knowledge within the communities and you will get people’s attention.

Define your niche to get to the right people

The steady growth of your business is going to be dependent on your relationships and connections with the right people. These are people who find value in the products and services you offer.

By defining your niche, you identify your target audience and intentionally gravitate towards influential brands in your industry.

Setting yourself up to be seen by the right audience will gain you a huge following. Because you will be seen as providing a specific solution to a specific problem.

Customers and business owners who will be touched by your brand will then link with you. And you will get an opportunity to network widely and build more relationships as your business grows.

In parting…

Great customer service involves cultivating good relationships with your customers.

Your customers and business partners need to know that you are interested in much more than their money. That you are committed to adding value to their lives.

You need to invest time into reaching out to potential customers. Networking and nurturing relationships is a solid foundation for growing your business.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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