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What’s the Fuss About Keywords and Driving Website Traffic?

Keywords do matter in driving website traffic. So what’s important is how to make them matter!

Picture yourself in a wedding. The bride like everybody else, dressed up in a rather normal fashion. Would you notice her if you didn’t know her pretty well? Probably not!

But what if she was wearing a fancy Alexander Mcqueen white gown? Chances are you won’t need to ask where is the bride. As a matter of fact, on such a day, anyone else appearing to dress up in a similar fashion, would be considered to be trying to steal the show.

What if I told you it is not any different with keywords? And so, there are a few starters on this conversation that will help you understand the keywords and website traffic narrative, rather well.

Because if you don’t engage them, you could end up using the wrong keywords and end up like the bride who does a fairly good job at disguising themselves from the crowd.

Why do you need to drive traffic to your business website?

Simple. It is good for your business; it will attract an audience and clients your way, and you will be among the first thing people find on the search engines.

When it comes to driving traffic to either a website or a blog, the competition is stiff. Almost every business is trying to do this. They have the understanding that the average person spends a huge percentage of their day online.

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, mall or even by the streets and really looked at people?

If you really look at them, you will realize that most of these people are always looking at either their phones, laptops or any other device that they can use to access the internet.

So, why does this matter?

Because driving traffic to your business will affect it

A lot of business owners have realized that, if they are to change the narrative when it comes to their business, there is only one thing to do – take it to the internet.

Now, this is where the real battle is.

It is not enough to just take your business to the internet – you have to make sure that it becomes visible. Look at the internet as another store and you want to be at the store front.

If you are thinking of using dull keywords and just drafting content similar to what you have seen on another page, well, it’s up to you – but I’d tell you, don’t!

How about you start by asking the right questions?

Like; what would my audience benefit from? Is it informative, thrilling, catchy and snacky?

Good content is not just about originality. If you are not solving anything, then it’s simply another unique but useless product (sad I know).

Your creativity needs to help your readers. That’s the only way to beat the tide of competition out there. 

Smart entities do their homework. They try to understand what content will drive massive traffic to their online channels. Once they do, they tighten their grip and get to work.

There is a kind of content that you don’t want on your website

You don’t want plain, old and boring content on your website, but even more serious you don’t want content that search engines will not bother to rank. That is, content that is shallow and helps no one.

As a business owner, you need to understand the power of using content that sells. Once you understand that, you are on your way to attracting traffic to your page.

Bottom line

Good content plus the right strategy earns you a growing website traffic. Start by researching on what to write on and then identify the right keywords.

The internet is resourceful with tools that will help you find the right keywords that will help you get more traction for different content. 

There is more that can be said about the subject; from what search engines look out for when it comes to ‘search’ to how to optimize right. But today, our focus is on the audience.

You can read more here to understand the psychology of search intent. This will help you be in good books with the search engines.

Just remember that the right keywords are inevitable if you want to attract high traffic on your website.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

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