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6 Menial Tips that Surprisingly Leave You with Great Content

What is content without ‘GREAT’ before it? GIBBERISH

Great content is what your readers are after. Don’t let any other side chats fool you. Trust me, the average person enjoys a tasty delicacy. Because who would go for otherwise unless there was no option?

So is with content that doesn’t add any value.

Great content is that which the reader can’t help but read. It offers the reader what they need to know. Remember, as a business, if you are not selling solutions, then you are not in business.

For most times that will be the reason you get to attract visitors to your website.

That given, you want to always come up with content that will engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.

So how can you write great content that will keep your audience glued?

Take your angle and make it count

People will not be impressed with someone who repeats what other people do. They like originality; they want to have an authentic feel every time they read your content. There is no fun in visiting a blog and reading a different version of the same content.

It is true that most of the ideas have already been taken. However, if you can take time and think through different ideas, you will be able to write content that is original, and your own voice will be felt.

If you’ll go shallow, drop the pen

There is no point in writing something that you know nothing about. Even if you know a thing or two about it, you will still need supporting evidence.

Unless you are an expert on a certain field, you need to carry out the necessary research in order to feed your audience with accurate information.

People will spot fake news faster than they can spot what is true. To be on the safe side, don’t give statistics that you are not sure about, or don’t give any statistics at all.

If your aim is to look unprofessional, you will do it very easily immediately you post content on your page that is inaccurate.

Images have always been a part of great content

People really love attractive things. They love what they can see. Take this to your advantage. Use images that relate to the agenda that you are trying to push.

Make sure that the pictures are fun, interesting, relatable and engaging. Remember, a picture can send out more than a thousand words, but if it is the right picture, it will send out the right words.

Go for the ‘hard-to-resist’ headlines

What attracts you to an article is the headline. The topic could be good, but if the headline is flat and boring, it’s likely you’ll skip the article.

What makes you decide if you are going to keep reading is the opening line. If it is worth it, more often than not, you will find yourself flowing down with it. The subtitles too can make it even better.

You want to keep your reader engaged, and interested throughout the entire article? Pick the right title and the right words to back the content you come up with.

Keep updating your content

Don’t rely on the article that you posted two years ago to keep your audience engaged. You need to keep researching, refreshing and renewing. New content sends out a new message to your reader and it keeps them coming back.

In parting…

When you take time to write content, ask yourself, ‘what value does it add? If your answer to this question is positive, you are on your way towards writing great content.

Always make sure to write content that is reader friendly. Make it about your reader. This can only be done if an individual, sits down and takes the time to think and plan about how to come up with great content.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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