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How Having a copywriter polishes Your business for maximum appeal

Having a copywriter is like having a washing machine for your business.

Put in what you have, set the timer, press ON, and walk away. When you’re ready, come back and pull out the fresh, crystal clear offer your business has become.

Customers will immediately ‘get you’. They won’t be able to help it; you’ll be so compellingly relevant to them.

All the verbiage, confusing clauses and jumbled sales talk washed away to reveal the exciting truth of what you mean to them. 

And it won’t just be the customers that all of a sudden see your great offer. You’ll see it too.

There really is nothing like a good hot wash and rinse to scrub and hone your message. A deep-clean will leave you with sparkling, crafted copy you can use again and again. 

Having a copywriter makes your business attractive 

The washing powder is our skill with words; our attention to detail in getting rid of all ungraceful, jarring phrases, cluttered capitals and alienating tones.

The fabric conditioner is our market insight. It doesn’t matter what your business is, our words will come from a place of industry knowledge.

The rinse is our creative energy for capturing meaning and insight. The timer is our ability to work tirelessly to your deadline.

My personal USP is that I never have or will miss a deadline. Click To Tweet

If you don’t already have a copywriter then you might know, at the back of your mind, that you need one, that you need a really good boil wash.

And you might think it will be expensive; after all, washing machines don’t run on fresh air. But it won’t be as much as you think, not for the results you’ll get.

You’ll have someone who joys in doing your washing. Your business will shine brighter than it ever has before and bring improved returns from the communications you haven’t the time to manage. 

You’ll be able to get on with running the business you need to and making more of the customers you want smile even more. 

Having a copywriter is possible, but having the right one, is no easy feat. Start here perhaps!

Oh! And don’t forget to set the timer.

Author Bio:

Rachel Smith is a proofreader, copywriter and editor at For more details about her work, you can write to her at

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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