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Why you need to use content cluster in digital marketing

Producing snackable content could mean you need to engage content clustering.

Majority of the time, brands tend to publish short, snippet-like content to draw the attention of their audience.

Short content does play a significant role in providing information that is concise and straight to the point.

Further, making such content attention grabbing works great. Your audience can go through it fast because let’s face it, most online users browse information in a rush and move on to the next thing.

On the other end of the spectrum is content clustering.

What is content clustering?

Content clustering is the concept of creating comprehensive content on core topics. You branch the core topic into various subtopics and go ahead to create detailed information about each topic.

There has to be a linking strategy so that each subtopic connects back to the core topic.

Aligning Content Cluster to Your SEO Strategy

Content clusters have the great benefit of increasing SEO. When you decide to use content cluster to publish content, you need to be purposeful about using words that will drive your SEO.

A content cluster helps you generate SEO centric content more readily. From the moment you choose your main topic, you need to have strategic key words in place to build your SEO.

Having a ready plan ensures that you do not lose track of your SEO goals as you build upon every subtopic in your content cluster.  

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The idea behind content cluster should be to provide in-depth information to your audience. Just like with all other content, content clusters need to be meaningful to your audience.

It should be high quality content that adds value to your audience. When you choose your content wisely, it will not matter that you publish long as opposed to short content.

Your audience will appreciate that they will be getting a series of topics that build upon each other.

The content will give them a comprehensive understanding of your content, which will keep them on your site as they anticipate more content of the same quality and value.

Long Content Ranks Higher on Google

Long content will help you rank higher on Google. You will benefit more by having the right keywords within your content cluster.

Both of these factors will keep you ahead of your competition. Google recognizes long content based on the fact that it provides greater value to your online audience.

In using content cluster, create a balance between how many topics you use in one cluster.

It is important to be careful not to over-extend your cluster because you still have to keep your readers engaged and interested.

Aim at having 4 to 5 long articles in each cluster, ensuring that all are SEO centric.


In parting…

Content clustering is a strategy that will work well to attract new audience as well as retain your existing audience.

As long as your content targets the right audience, you will rip significant benefits from long content.

Aim to be the one place where your audience can find in-depth content. It will also increase traffic to your site as more people are redirected to you.

That’s content-clustering for you!

Photo by Tim Boote on Unsplash

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