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Conversational content: Let your content read the same way you speak

Conversational content is something you interact with daily.

There is a tonne of information channeled out every minute, all directed to the same audience.  Your content needs to be different to capture the attention of your target audience.

Conversational content is one of the significant ways you can achieve this.

What it means to publish conversational content is writing just as if you were talking to your customers. The value of such content is that it engages people.

It draws more people to you and increases the numbers that directly buy into your brand.

Here are a few tips for creating conversational content:

Talk more about your readers and less about yourself

Conversational content should be more about the value your customers will get from your brand. It means using words that make your audience feel included in the conversation.

Addressing them as “you” gives a more personalized feeling.

Your audience gets a sense of being part of your brand. Because they feel that you are talking to them as you would a close friend.

Balance between formal and relaxed writing

Even in conversational content, you have to maintain some formality. Your content should still be grammatically correct and with the right punctuation.

In highlighting your brand through content, you always have to retain a professional tone.

At the same time, let your content sound relaxed. Using simple sentences and phrases makes your content easy to read. Do not shy away from starting sentences with words such as And or Because.

It’s an easy way to breakdown sentences and make your content sound relaxed.

Picture sitting across a friend over a cup of coffee

Our conversations with our close friends are personal and fun. Even when talking to your friends about serious issues, you feel a great level of closeness to them.

In the same way, your content should sound personal and fun to your audience. Strive to make them feel special at the end of each piece of writing.

Give your readers personalized attention in the way you address them through your content.

Use storytelling to connect with your audience

Storytelling is slowly gaining popularity in content creation. Consider telling stories that draw your audience to what your brand is about. Stories make you appear warm and approachable.

Just as in natural conversations, stories relax the mood and allow for sharing.

Conversational content encourages your customers to give feedback.

When you use a conversational tone, your customers perceive you as friendly. They are eager to engage with your brand because you inspire a personal relationship with each customer.

In parting…

Conversational content, in my opinion, is about breaking some writing rules. Professional content does not have to be stiff. It can be as much fun and personalized as a face to face conversation.

You just have to learn to make your content exciting. Keep your audience looking forward to more content.  

Sounding natural will keep your audience coming back to your content because they can relate to you easily. That’s why conversational content is a good place to start.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

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