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Hiring An SEO Content Writer Is A Lead Strategy For More Sales

Hiring an SEO Content Writer is a Lead Strategy for More Sales

Think about your SEO optimized content as goods displayed at the storefront for every curious buyer to see them upfront.

Understanding content that way helps your online presence to thrive by giving you leverage with the search engines. Writing content that hooks, informs and lives up to its course is what search engines are after. SEO therefore becomes your best friend where performing content and search engines is involved.

Let’s face it, the increasing tension over who gets attention in the online space is ever increasing; it’s not getting any better. In effect, the widening gap of quality and fluff content is ever increasing. To bloggers, businesses and content marketers, writing content that is well optimised for search engines is a big challenge. Actually, Copyblogger lists SEO as one of the most misunderstood topics online.

Would I disagree with them? No! But I would add that, writers who first create content and look for readers after, bump hard on this challenge. However, mastering your audience and understanding them before the curation process will prove to you that the SEO writing process is actually more enjoyable than you think.

Hiring SEO content writers for example has been considered a run into solution but to some businesses, this has ended up in frustrated efforts. Like I share with my clients any time before we engage in their SEO writing projects, understanding one’s audience is of par essence as writing the content.

Two things therefore; to thrive in your online business, you will need to stretch it past the just ‘writing content’. Your writing must consistently appeal to your readers (who could happen to be your customers, prospects etc.) and second, it must be geared towards solving a particular problem.

Before delving into how to create content that meets these standards and attracts business for you, let’s focus on why you need to consider SEO writing despite the kind of service or product business you are running.

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To rank higher than other sites for similar content 


I started by giving you a more practical approach of what SEO looks like. Let’s understand it theoretically. We definitely know what happens when you feed a query into a search engine. A thump at the ‘enter’ button precipitates a list of search results relevant to your search term.

Search engine optimization explains this process. In brief, SEO is a method of enhancing the effectiveness of your content to help the search engines rank your content higher than that of other sites. Ideally, think of your competitors and what you would both be competing for in terms of an audience and more importantly, clientèle.

Search engines have no personal relation with you, but they do with your content. For that, they are passionate about merit on what makes it to the top of the search results. And sure enough, they sniff good content miles away and they chase after it. You want this to be your content if you are reading this article.

It still works and not stopping any time soon


Quick assessment here: few years ago, the search engine vibe had not hit the wave and competition for attention on the web was not as throbbing. It was easy to pass for an authority in a niche if you were simply able to curate content in that niche and probably do it consistently. With the SEO growth, keywords hit the wave and it became paramount to generously stuff your keywords in the content you came up with.

What’s changing? Same search engines, same niches but wait, new rules! It is not as easy anymore. Search engines have provided an opportunity for every content creator to smile all the way to their readership but it is not as easy as it sounds. 

Keywords are a big thing now more than ever before, but even worse, is the level of quality and depth of information relayed in the content. So why is SEO not disappearing anytime soon? Because keywords are only relevant if they are weaved up in content that is engaging, informative and relevant. It may not be getting any easier to get ranking, but knowing that search engines are becoming algorithmically smarter by the day, it is only wise to match up with their pace lest one’s content is stamped obsolete or not of standard.

Search engines are drawing in more market share daily


If one would tell you that you could review products you want to purchase before even visiting your nearest store ten years ago, you’d probably have laughed it off on their faces. But guess what, every product or service appears to have online credibility or otherwise based on the reviews given by those who provide the services/products, and those who have experienced the services/products.

So what remains for products and services missing an online presence?

Not being a false prophet, but it sure feels like an apocalypse for them. It almost appears like everyone wants to understand what they are getting into before the real experience. Creating SEO content gives you the privilege of addressing your clients’ fears and challenging your competitors. But how would that happen with getting highly ranked?

Perks up to your Healthy Content Profile


The change in search algorithms for search engines like Google happen every so often nowadays than in the past. This means that every time they do this, they change how they look at websites. Take it from me; these changes are not always to favour you but the searcher who in this case happens to be your readership.

Keeping an acute SEO performance enhances your chances of having a healthy content profile with them. Social media indicators for example have been given fairly high importance than it was a few years ago. The only way out to avoiding a damaging effect to your business would therefore be to maintain a healthy content profile.

Your competitors are not slowing on it


Let’s assume you are already established. That is a good thing because then you don’t have to suffer the pressure of trying to convince the market of your existence. However, think about it, your competitors – those probably closing fewer sales than you are – are in the business of growing their presence and what better way would they do this than being loud? They know that their voice can only be had through ranking high on the search engines and they are marshalling up resources to see that this is happening.

One such example is the rate at which new start-ups today are hiring more SEO writers than businesses that started at least five years ago. Truth is, if you are not moving forward and improving your position, you are losing to a competitor who is.

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Final Call…

It is real, effective and it is happening; more reason why you should plug-in and watch your business swim through an ocean of opportunities. In our next post, we look at why organic SEO is more important than paid SEO despite your budget endowments.

If you are in the business of growing your business, then you should definitely be in the business of writing more SEO content. Part of that is why we are big on offering a hand when it comes to choosing and hiring the right SEO writers for your business. It is not easy, but we are experienced and we can extend that grace to you.

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