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Attracting Seasoned Web Content Writers

Mastering the art of landing seasoned web content writers is priceless!

Content writing has become an integral part of many businesses due to the increasing online demand of information by the people. At present, more folks are combing the web for quality info and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of this.

For businesses, going online to sell their products/services is a great convenience to many consumers. Businesses now know that in maintaining the interests of these consumers, then content is a jewel.

Why web content writers matter

We tire not in emphasizing the increasing value of content for businesses seeking after online visibility. Companies are now more than ever before striving to look for web content writers.

They know they need to produce valuable and consistent content to increase the visibility of their brands. Not only that, but also to drive conversions – making a sale is an ultimate.

The other reason is for content management. Companies need to keep revamping their web content in various platforms like the website, social media, blogs, etc.

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Good content is an obvious step-up for top brands for instance. Understanding that competition is right outside your door, means being grandiose even with your content.

How to source for web content writers

Let’s dive right in. Hunting for the right web content writers is simple and hard altogether. But here are a few tips to wade you right past the deep waters.

Meet LinkedIn – Your Trusted Professional Network


The popular platform called LinkedIn used for networking and resource pooling is one of the best options available to source for content writers.

The platform gives the information of the various writers available with the best possible skills and they can be contacted directly for recruitment.

This is a sure landing point for the professional writers. If a web content writer doesn’t have a LinkedIn account, they probably aren’t much of an authority yet.

Trusted Freelance Websites


The other method of looking for a web content writer is by hiring from freelance websites. This process can take time because of the rarity in the company-fit between the company and the person.

Most of these companies work on a bid program which leaves you to do much of the assessing. This could be strenuous and even leave you out of the good ones who might not have bid the best rates.

The benefit of this method however is that most of the websites rate their freelancers which can help narrow your search based on competence levels.

There are many popular platforms like Elance, Blur, Freelancer, etc. where you can find freelance content writers.

Hire a content writing agency


This is my favorite because I not only know it works, but it offers the best quality so far. I explain why a content writing agency is a good idea for any business here.

Top brands like writeraccess, scripted, inkedhubwriters, iwriter, crowdcontent etc. can be a great place to start your search. Agencies vet their writers and appraise them constantly.

Not only that, but they also invest in training their writers, allowing them to meet above the market standards. Fortune companies work with agencies because of this reason.

Their creative base is wide, which allows you to benefit from their pool of teams. A project team for instance could comprise of a writer, editor, and market strategist.

Rarely will you scout for all these three by yourself and end up with the right mix.

While you might have to part with more bucks than the other options, you will sure recover them in no time if you are consistent with such teams.

If you are convinced that this could be what you are after, we are here to show you the ropes and get started on your project.

Post your needs on social media


I have found this to be both productive and unreliable at the same time. Productive if you do it right and put in as much details regarding your kind of writer.

Unreliable because it attracts a lot of party-hoppers who are simply no writers at all and just want to land a gig.

You know this first by how they respond to your post; poor grammar, poor sentence construction, and most often a lack thereof to follow instructions. With such, no need to bother past their comments.

On the other hand, you might land spot-on creatives who will skim through the details, hit you up and probably leave you considering them.

You might find them on Facebook groups, Twitter, and freelance job boards like problogger.

Also remember that most times the professionals are busy churning hours in putting up words for another client, so they may miss out on your advert.

So like I said, you can get lucky but not always.

Search engines are a good place too


The best search engine, Google, is also a better tool for searching the web content writers who are interested and skilled. Bing and yahoo are a good fit as well.

While most times this will lead you to freelance websites or content writing agencies, you might also find proficient web content writers.


These methods are regulars for most companies looking for a web content writer.

Remember that the goal is for them to enhance your visibility as a company by generating rich content on various platforms.

But above all, the underlying secret is to always assess the skills of the writer before recruiting for any job – important or not.

Feel free to share methods that have worked for you in the past. We would love to maintain an updated list that can be helpful for many more out there.

If this was worth your read, we would appreciate if you took up the onus of sharing it in your circles.

Don’t stress it, let us lift the bulk by helping you handpick your next creative team.

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