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Quality Content Writing – The Winning Content Strategy

Quality Content Writing – The Winning Content Strategy

When Content screams at your writing, know it’s not funny!

Quality content writing is tough talk but real talk. Let’s skip the mundane introductions and jump right onto the big elephant in the room.

There’s been a whole spring of changes in the world of content marketing in just one year. And the search engines especially, are not applying their brakes seemingly.

Publishers are at the peril of most of these but on the brighter side, some wins are sure coming with the keen eyes amidst the clutter. I happen to be part of the keen and I can sure tell a promising 2017 is all it better be for me for my small world of content publishing.

Let’s face it, with online advertisements and marketing becoming popular, the internet is filled with content from round the globe. Figuratively, we are talking more than 2 million blog posts getting published in a day.

Think about all those fountains generating millions of words every passing minute, and every fountain hoping to sputter on some expectant audience. Truth holds that some of this content sure gets the glamour and attention, but the story is not level across the board.

Some websites are just dummy ones that fox people through their keywords and SEO techniques but no actual content to display. Talk of techy publishers out to woo the backend search engine robotics.

On the other hand, there are websites that thrive on viewer feedback and showcase quality content writing skills that attract people from every corner on the digital platforms. If you are a content publisher and reading this, you want to be reckoned as a part of this clique.

But it’s not a feeding pot of pleasantries. You gotta break your back and run the ice on it a good chance. It can’t get better though when you have enthusiasts who can help unpack the titbits and leave you to devour them at your pleasure.

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Here are a few things that ensure quality content writing for everyone trying their hand as a content writer.

Begin with a Bang


Your opening line and paragraph determines how the rest of the content will look like. If viewers are drawn by your opening statements then your work is half done. Nobody wants to be caged by dull.

So you ought to convince them that they are worth your time. And what’s better than an opening line?

But that is not all. At times it is not just about the words you use. Try making the first paragraph as catchy and brief as possible. Knowing when to kill a phrase into a word is an adept skill you need to all the more execute.

Make sure you the set the stage for your readers irrespective of their knowledge of the subject. This is an example of your good quality content writing skills. Remember anyone could land onto your piece; don’t take chances.

Master the Number Game


A good article must contain facts or numbers and statistics as this increases your credibility as a writer and people actually have a data to believe your words. This is twinned to research but its relevance in affecting your readers’ reception of your content will be priceless.

Providing hyperlink sources for images and facts makes your article all the more attractive. Furthermore, publishing is ultimately community effort. We rarely curate from our own self-thought ideas. Borrowed ideas are worth accrediting.

Get Your Research Right


Talk strategy, performance, worth; this is where it all fits in. Perhaps the most imperative stage of quality content writing. As a content writer or publisher, researching your topic thoroughly before sitting down to write it increases the chances of the article being rich in content.

Researching from a wide variety of sources lets you choose and model the topic in a way you think could be more attractive to the readers. And not just attraction, but it also draws in value. And that’s what you want to give your audience.

Think Through Sharp Headlines


Coming up with an apt and attractive title is important. A good title attracts viewer’s attention and hence increases your reader base. Using a catchy phrase is recommended due to its power to attract guests and readers.

Nonetheless, don’t let it toss around with ambiguity or too much fluff; laconic and sharp works just fine. Let the remaining bulk of the piece satisfy the undying appetite.

Celebrate the Audience by Engaging Them


Good articles ensure that their target audience is reached and that they enjoy what’s written in it. But it never ends there; making them the centre of attraction keeps them there a little longer.

For an enhanced attractive feature, the writer can consider adding images to beautify his article and keep his audience engaged. A smooth flow of words is encouraged with no break in between the content.

Any break or diversion from the actual content is a big turnoff for the audience and they tend to drive themselves away from uninspiring works. So why risk it?

There you have it. It may not be much to chew, but this scratches the surface of what quality content writing in 2017 looks like.

Let’s chew the nuts as we help you strategise on your next editorial calendar.

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