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Deciding between an in-house copywriter or copywriting agency

I want an in-house copywriter but I also want a copywriting agency. So which is it?

Content marketing is one of those things you cannot run away from. Your business needs it as much as you need air to breath.

I wish it was easy to create winning content. Copywriters will tell you that it is difficult.

The good news? It can be done and it is being done everyday. What you need is to identify the right copywriter that fits into your brand.

Let’s explore your opportunity cost whichever direction you settle for.

1. The cost factor: In-house copywriter vs. copywriting agency

An in-house copywriter is a salaried employee of your company. They work with your entire creative team to synchronize your digital marketing content.

Brands have little option other than to create content consistently. Great content is what distinguishes the brand from its competitors.

The in-house copywriter can be more expensive than hiring on a need basis. If you are not producing content every day, you will be overspending on them.

When you decide to go with a copywriting agency, you always only pay for what you need. You will not incur costs for their leave days and holidays or even when you have no work for them.

2. How much control of your copywriter do you need?

An in-house copywriter will be at your disposal. They will create content as frequently as you want them to. Imagine a world where you can have your content on time, because the copywriter is on your payroll.

They are at hand to do quick writing jobs that you may need urgently. Tweak text when you need them to. And work within strict timelines because they are there for your brand and your brand only.

A content agency works for many clients. They have to schedule your work. This may not always work well for short deadline content.

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The in-house copywriter is invested in your brand. Being part of the day to day happenings within your company, they get acquainted with what works for your brand.

The result is that they create content that is tailored to your specific needs. No guesswork involved.

For the copywriting agency, it will take some time. They need to learn about your brand, the industry you operate in and the needs and expectations of your customers.

In case of mismatched content, you have to spend more time getting it corrected.

3. The copywriting agency wins with fresh content and inspiration

Hiring an in-house copywriter is convenient for your company. However, consider the possibility that overtime, their creativity may plateau.

You constantly need a spike of creativity to keep your content fresh and inspiring. Click To Tweet

A professional copywriting agency is the best choice for fresh and competitive content. Unlike your in-house copywriter, the agency is always willing to experiment with new and exciting content.

The power of choice is a privilege you enjoy with copywriting agencies. Every time you have a new project, you get to choose the copywriter you think is the best fit.

The flexibility to use different talent for different projects gives your content a fresh perspective each time.

Why I would opt for the copywriting agency?

Hiring a copywriting agency as opposed to having an in-house copywriter allows you to tap into the pool of talent within the agency. You will benefit from multiple inputs from hiring at the cost of your specific content needs.

Now you know how to go about the process, and we can help you think through it further. Start!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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