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Copywriting: How to identify a reliable copywriter for your business

Reliability should rank high among the qualities you look for in a copywriter.

The target for every brand or business is to have unflinching content that will make them standout. Hiring a copywriter to create great content has become one of the most important practices for brands.

Besides skill, experience, and a flair for words, you need to consider reliability in hiring copywriters. Reliability boils down to delivering quality content and on time.

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How do you ensure that the copywriter you are about to hire is reliable?

Here are 5 aspects to consider:

1.  Spell it out

Every copywriting job you put out should have a specific job description. In your task description, do well to highlight and insist that you are looking for a reliable individual or agency.

Explain in clear terms what reliability means to you. I bet it means getting someone to deliver quality content within the set deadline.

If a copywriter meets your deadline but delivers bad content that you wouldn’t put out if your life depended on it, that’s a lack of reliability.

2.  Be careful where you source your copywriters from

Copywriting as an industry has grown so much that it is now easy to find great copywriters. Or so it seems.

Freelance copywriters are readily available and often tend to be cheaper than if you were to hire a copywriting agency.

Choosing freelance copywriters through recommendations from their previous clients will save you from dealing with a series of unreliable ones.

You may decide to hire a copywriting agency instead. Same case applies. Look for reviews to boost your chances of finding a reliable copywriting agency.

3.  Pay attention to the copywriter’s communication skills

When hiring a copywriter, pay attention to your first impression of them. Start from the beginning.

How do they respond to your job ad? How do they engage you? Are you having to wait on them to reply to your queries? Are they taking their sweet time to send you samples?

Then it’s time to look elsewhere.

4.  Look for passion

Passion shines through a person’s attitude about their work. A passionate copywriter is not just interested in making money. They are looking to forge great working relationships with clients.

Relationships are built on trust, which stems from reliability.

Passionate copywriters will almost always end up being reliable. They find pleasure in their work, which means they love to make their clients happy.

5.  What’s the copywriter’s personality?

Why personality? You need someone who is keen to listen and understand you. And someone who is genuinely interested in your brand. Because they are going to work towards meeting your content goals.

Getting things done is always easier when you work with somebody you like. You will need them for a long time – as long as your brand exists.

In parting…

If your actions don’t live up to your words, you have nothing to say. Click To Tweet

If a copywriter is no good in keeping their word about quality and timely delivery, what have they to offer you? Simply nothing!

Best of luck in your search efforts. No need to look so far from here.

Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash

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