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The Ultimate Writing Guide To SEO Rules

The Ultimate Writing Guide to SEO Rules

Updated on 12/07/2018

We can’t get past talking about writing SEO content

I mean, business owners with active blogs have been beefing up their investment in content. They are right in doing so because this strategy will, in the long-run, prove beneficial to their business.

That said, for web owners to leverage their investments in content, they need to find good SEO content writers who are up to date with the latest SEO rules.

Any content enthusiast will tell you that driving traffic to your site has become very dynamic.

It is no longer about crowding the headlines with big keywords or filling every sentence of your articles with unnecessary keywords.

Quit applying the same SEO tactics that you used last year without first understanding what has changed in the Search Engine industry.

So what has not changed from last year?


One thing about keywords is that they will always remain important. What is constantly changing is how you use them.

Although a lot has changed in other aspects of SEO, the basic principles of keyword research have remained fairly unchanged.

You need to do your homework on what keywords are competitive, what relates to the topic of your article, and why your content or that keyword matters to the search engine users.

First, find popular keywords and phrases that will help you rank top in the search results. Note that, this means that people are searching that phrase a lot.

While doing a keyword research, there are many online tools like Google Keyword Planner that can help you with your search.

It is necessary to ensure that the keywords chosen are not very competitive so that it can be easier to get a good ranking.

This however, does not mean that they are irrelevant and they attract no audience. Because if they don’t, you will likely be at a loss.

Many SEO content writers think that getting a handful of keywords that can rank top in search results is enough.

However, it’s important to understand that the keywords are a means to an end rather than an end unto themselves.

After getting some appropriate keywords, you need to keep monitoring the website to find out which keywords are generating traffics or sales.

The other important bit about keywords is their length and weight. More often than not, long tail keywords are more popular and persuasive since they can capture more of what a potential buyer may be searching for.

Word Count

For many web owners, factors like word count and how it impacts SEO has never crossed their minds.

Well, for those eager to know, Google has for quite some time now shown a preference for longer posts. This is because the longer the post, the more comprehensive such a post is likely to be.

If you are trying to write SEO content, ensure that the word count makes sense. Yes I can say 1000+ is the winning strategy, but that’s not always the case.

At times all you need to pass across is best and comprehensively covered in 700 words. That still works.

As a writer, the best way to achieve a perfect word count is to cover your topic effectively. You can go deeper into the subject so as to provide insightful content that will be helpful to your readers.

Otherwise, your work will be considered simply as a wannabe. We know how that ends up!

Body Content vs. Headline?

SEO in 2018 has proved difficult for those set in the old SEO tactics and strategies.

Search engines like Google have become smarter, and they are no longer confused by a catchy heading that has the high ranking keywords.

Instead, a good SEO article needs to have words and keywords that have some relevance to the topic of discussion.

This is why article writers are advised to use keywords in a natural and efficient way within the content.

Link Building

A closer look at the top ranking pages will reveal that the high-ranking pages have a handful of internal links within the pages.

It is, therefore, important to try as much as you can to optimize the entire link structure of your site to ensure that it conforms to the latest SEO rules.

Remember, having sufficient inbound links not only helps guide search engines through your site but also the users.

This also makes it easier for the users to access all the content they may need at any one time they are on your site.

Apart from inbound links outbound links can also offer great value to web owners. They also help provide extra information to the reader thus ensuring your content offers value.

One should, however, be careful because unethical linking techniques can result in stiff ranking penalties.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Phones

Some people may not be aware of this but optimizing the site for mobile phones is an essential part of SEO.

Picture this, you have good content, the keywords, and the length are okay, but users on mobile phones cannot find this content.

Well, this will ultimately reduce your ranking, and it is bad for business.

Today, more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet.

So the best way to ensure that you maintain authority is to ensure that Google and other search engines can understand your content within the mobile app.

There are many opportunities out there, and the only way to ensure you’re ready for them is to be fully optimized.


Is there any connection between images and SEO? Of course, there is because Google has a search tab for images.

Always ensure that a unique image accompanies good content. This way, your sites gets more visibility, and it can stand out, and more people can access your site.

But remember, unique or catchy images cannot replace good content. They only complement it, so you have to work harder in ensuring that the content is first good then top it up with relevant images.


Search engine optimization will surely keep involving. It’s all about being up to date with the latest techniques. Every little thing counts, therefore, don’t ignore any factor.

Make the most of the SEO by ensuring that your site is fully optimized. This will make it a lot easier for you to reach both your customers and potential customers out there.

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